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about me
Why I started painting
What originally began as a watercolour hobby whilst studying at Middlesborough College of Art soon transformed itself into a passion for landscape. I visited the far north west of Scotland during my studies on a number of occasions and was immediately captivated by its rugged, windswept vistas and stark uncompromising beauty. After moving to the Highlands some twenty five years ago the scenery of Sutherland has been my primary source of inspiration ever since.

My technique

I employ quite an unconventional watercolour technique, using Procian dye instead of more traditional watercolours. I paint on cartridge paper, and the drawing once complete, I soak, and stretch before I begining painting. The finished original is then secured to the mount using strong double sided adhesive tapeThis ensures that the paper retains its tension allowing me to apply successive washes of thin colour, a key technique in my subsea paintings. You can see some of my landscapes here.

Paintings of the oil industry
Life has a habit of throwing unexpected opportunities your way, and it wasn't without some trepidation that I embarked on a career in the oil industry. As the pilot of an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) I found myself privy to the unseen world of deepsea engineering and industry. Fascinated by what I saw, I wondered what it would be like to paint some of the strange, otherworldly scenes I witnessed in the course of my work. That was how I began drawing, sketching and painting my subsea paintings. At once both accurate representations of the work environments of the global oil industry, they are also evocative and atmospheric watercolours in their own right. You can see some of my subsea paintings here.
Mr Barry Pearson
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