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stephen pearson

stephen pearson
Stephen died in March 2003. He was prolific during the late 60,s and the 70,s and is especially fondly remembered for mildly erotic nude male and female fantasy paintings. He was widely printed by many of the leading print houses at the time, and indeed "Wings of Love" has by now probably past the 4,000.000. copies sold, the most successful print ever. Stephen essentially self taught began with the tough subject portrait painting, and worked hard in this field, while at the same time indulging his love of the countryside, producing wonderfully evocative landscapes. His camera never far from his side, filled with colour slide film, was constantly collecting reference. In this there are many uncanny similarities, I also travel with a camera filled with slide film and I now discover we unknowingly used the same film wherever it was available.

In the gallery in Kinlochbervie, I have a considerable number of original pastels, all unfixed therefore unsuitable for display. I am also in possession of a number of original canvases, including! Light of Love and "Secret Garden". Which will be periodically displayed in the gallery with all his other work. Stephen worked in oils and pastels and occasionally watercolours and gouache. His technical confidence meant there were no subjects "out of bounds" There is no repetitive technique, that often pigeon holes and makes clearly identifiable a given artists work. He produced his work on every kind of surface imaginable. I have been privileged be given a large collection of newspaper clippings covering his period at St. Albans. Along with the clippings are photographic and printed reference, which found there way into Steve's paintings. I also have a considerable number of large offset litho printed posters of Stephen's. Which I will add to the website at a later date, and which will be for sale.
I have printed faithful to the original proportions though in the case of the larger oils, smaller in scale, from all of the original work that I possess, in high quality Epson water colour paper using only Epson inks. Special canvas eefect prints the full size of the originals, can be provided framed or unframed. Plears contact me for details.

The prints are available unframed for £40:00p and framed in simple hardwood frame and mount for £80:00p all are printed on A3+ watercolour paper.
If you were to require canvas image the same size as the original please contact me.


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