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The images in this section of the website are all derived from my experience as an ROV pilot (Remote Operated Vehicle) working in the global oil industry. The paintings are grouped by job and each of the images depicts actual work in progress on that particular oilfield. You'll see that there are line drawing versions of the pictures, As well as full colour paintings. I work through an agency, they employ me from an office in Norfolk. I have worked for this agency for approximately fifteen years, strangely I have never seen my "boss " or any of his employees, nor have I ever visited the office.
The paintings I create as I work offshore are entirely my own doing, motivated largely by my enjoyment of drawing, and my fascination and respect for the clever engineering in the industries everyday operations. No employer of mine directly or indirectly has any control over the production of these drawings though I have yet to find myself in a situation where the line drawings carried out while onboard ship, were not greatly appreciated by every one I have worked with. I give photocopies freely to whoever expresses an interest,
The first drawings happened as a dive controller was trying to direct a free swimming S.A.T. diver to the sub sea worksite inside a complex eight legged platform. I provided him with a freehand perspective, accurately drawn showing the configuration of the members in an easy to follow drawing. Before my free hand sketches, the diver had to be directed using a number of complex engineering sections an elevations and plans, confusing even for the dive controller who was in charge. When home in my studio I tried to represent the divers' sub sea environment. I wondered whether in fact it was possible, and it was then that I discovered the transparent dye I had been using for many years, illustrating architectural works, was perfect for creating the underwater images.
The result of working for an agency means I have worked since 1989 for almost all of the major players in the dive industry and almost all over the world on their behalf. I have worked on modern, old, gigantic, and all manner of strange vessel on some truly fascinating projects. These unusual situations are faithfully recorded in the line drawings and the subsequently fully realized coloured paintings, No glossing over they are painted exactly as the work site looked as I was flying past it, during each shift.
I doubt if anywhere in the world is such a comprehensive collection, such an accurate record of this fascinating industry.
I hope you enjoy this collection of paintings of this unique subject.



Mr Barry Pearson
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